Winter's Teeth Pass

The Clearing

Having rested the night at the The White Crystal, the party set off seeking the “Rat Men”. The trail lead them to a pass that was somewhat overgrown. Stumpy recalled a hazy conversation with a Dwarf Journeyman who told of a Pass through the Winter’s Teeth hills that used to be a famous Trading Route for the Dwarfs.

Stumpy took the lead and the party followed the “Winter’s Teeth Pass”. After a while, they came to a clearing they heard movement so decided to approach as quietly as possible. Anton snuck up to the edge of the clearing where he spotted a giant lizard, the likes of which he had never seen. The Lizard was at the far end of the clearing where there was also the remains of a cart.

Anton thought about launching an attack on the beast when he heard a rustle in the bushes next to him. He froze and as he waited, a second Lizard emerged from the undergrowth and headed towards the first.

The party stayed put and waited till the lizards cleared off which was not very long as a huge Dragon flew overhead and spooked the lizards. When the party examined the remains and found the little girl’s mother and father along with the remains of a number of Skaven. There were tracks that lead ahead on the pass.

They followed the tracks and came across a camp of Skaven. As it was getting dark and the Skaven seemed rather nervous, probably after coming across the lizards. The party decided to rest till the morning.


The Adventure Starts

Stumpy entered Mortenholm in the evening, the sun had set and it was starting to cool down. Looking for somewhere to eat and rest, he spotted The White Crystal Inn. Although it was not a Dwarven establishment, he had little choice in this small village.

Once inside, Stumpy approached the bar and decided that generosity was by far the best way to find some companionship so he ordered drinks for all those present in the Inn. This made Stumpy an instant “Hero” and toasts were offered by many a patron.

At a table near the door were 3 individuals you would not normally expect to be together and Stumpy assumed they were fellow adventurers. He was about to approach them when the young female elf approached him and invited him to join them.

During their discussion, the entire Inn was interrupted by a little girl entering. She was no more than 8 years old and her clothes were blood stained. She approached the Inn Keeper and he rushed her off to a room.

Stumpy decided that he would investigate this further by questioning the Inn Keeper. The information relayed was that the Girl’s parents had been captured by some kind of Giant monsters. The Inn Keeper let slip that these monsters were “Rats the size of humans” but declared this as the ravings of a terrified child and that Stumpy should ignore this.

Stumpy returned to his new friends and discussed the matter. They all decided that it would be interesting to find out more about these “Rat Men”, so they set off in pursuit.


Welcome to the Adventure Log!

This adventure will take you from Mortenholm through the Winter’s Teeth Mountains to The Empire.

You will need oyu whits about you as there are many dangers out there and not all are obvious but with you experience and skill you should make the passage through to your destination.



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