Winter's Teeth Pass

The Clearing

Having rested the night at the The White Crystal, the party set off seeking the “Rat Men”. The trail lead them to a pass that was somewhat overgrown. Stumpy recalled a hazy conversation with a Dwarf Journeyman who told of a Pass through the Winter’s Teeth hills that used to be a famous Trading Route for the Dwarfs.

Stumpy took the lead and the party followed the “Winter’s Teeth Pass”. After a while, they came to a clearing they heard movement so decided to approach as quietly as possible. Anton snuck up to the edge of the clearing where he spotted a giant lizard, the likes of which he had never seen. The Lizard was at the far end of the clearing where there was also the remains of a cart.

Anton thought about launching an attack on the beast when he heard a rustle in the bushes next to him. He froze and as he waited, a second Lizard emerged from the undergrowth and headed towards the first.

The party stayed put and waited till the lizards cleared off which was not very long as a huge Dragon flew overhead and spooked the lizards. When the party examined the remains and found the little girl’s mother and father along with the remains of a number of Skaven. There were tracks that lead ahead on the pass.

They followed the tracks and came across a camp of Skaven. As it was getting dark and the Skaven seemed rather nervous, probably after coming across the lizards. The party decided to rest till the morning.




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