Johann Sander



Johann’s mother is from Altdorf while his father is from Grezen. Johann is embarrassed by his parents. Johann has a younger Sister who feels protective toward him. Johann’s family emigrated to their current home many generations ago.

Well, truthfully, the family is merely accepted. Johann has an entire nation or race that considers him an enemy who employ monsters and other exotic creatures against him.

Luckily, though, Johann also has befriended a very large group of about one hundred people and allies who offer him military training and support.

As for companions, Johann has a spouse who is nimble and acrobatic.

During a moment of bravado, Johann challenged an obviously superior foe to a contest of some sort. He was defeated easily and humiliated before his friends.

Whether he has learned his lesson or remains bitter is yet to be seen. In any event, he now has the ability to see when the odds are against him.

Johann Sander

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