Kathe Gwisdek

Wood Elf - Wardancer


Both of Kathe’s parents are alive, but in poor health however Kathe has lost contact with her parents.

She is the youngest child of a large family who pretend that she isn’t there, if possible. This is due to her insistence on adventuring.

How does the community react to Kathe’s family? Well, truthfully, the family is merely accepted. Kathe has a single important enemy who hires assassins to kill her. Luckily, though, Kathe also has a small group who count her a true friend and an ally who offer her military training and support.

As for companions, Kathe has a lover who is clever and skilled but was captured by Beastmen.

Kathe discovered that some authority figure she respected was actually corrupt. This may have been a personal betrayal or simply a failure to uphold the standards of his office.

Before Kathe could confront the villain, however, he vanished with a valuable treasure.

Now the character stalks this criminal, determined to right the wrong that he has done.

Kathe Gwisdek

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