Konrad Guhne

Pit Fighter


Both of Konrad’s parents are alive, but he dislikes them. He is the eldest child of a small family who look at him as their protector and provider.

His family are fugitives who fled their homeland to avoid jail.

How does the community react to Konrad’s family? Well, truthfully, the family is merely accepted. Konrad has become hated by the inhabitants of a church who seek to kill him.

Luckily, though, Konrad also has won the respect of a group of about twenty-five people and allies who provide legal or governmental leverage when needed.

Konrad was betrayed by a trusted ally at a critical moment, leaving him with a major wound.

Aside from giving him a disfiguring scar he now has a deep suspicion of those who have not proven themselves trustworthy. Konrad is openly suspicious of others, or quiet around them

Konrad Guhne

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