Even in the eyes of their most steadfast allies, dwarfs can seem dour and vengeful.

Dwarfs do not cope well with personal loss or humiliation. A dwarf who is crossed in love, fails to do his duty, perform with incompetence or is otherwise disgraced can become morose, sometimes inconsolable.

This is where The Slayer Cult can provide dwarfs who are driven to despair with a way to regain their honour and stand proud before their ancestors once again.

Stumpy is not an ordinary dwarf, particularly in comparison to his kinsman.

Where as other dwarfs focused on strength and combat prowess in battle in their earlier. He looked for more tactical alternatives.

Always light on his feet, stumpy has had a great aptitude for mobility in battle and where other dwarfs drew their axes and greatswords, this particular dwarf felt more comfortable with a dagger in his hand.

Stumpy visited his friends in Barak Var where he rested and shared many a tankard of mead with the many Journeymen there.

On his journey to the Winter’s Teeth Pass, he came across the little village of Mortensholm. Where he met some fellow travellers.

Following the sudden interruption to his meal, by a little girl in distress.

Stumpy set out to save the farmer and his wife, Stumpy was met with the horrific sight of huge lizard like creatures devouring them and their captors.

As a Dwarf, Stumpy does not forgive easily, so he leads his party onward to find the remainder of the marauders.


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